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Integral Focus for Leaders
Lloyd Raines, Principal

A panoramic, integrated vision of the whole,
within which parts are focused on & developed

for the benefit of the whole

Integral Focus is a coaching and consulting practice that applies a holistic approach to leadership growth. Through a collaborative process of inquiry and assessment with clients, 6-12 month cohort leadership programs, and/or six-month executive coaching modules are co-designed. This process offers powerful ways for leaders and their teams to cultivate the breadth and depth of their capacities from a perspective of leadership as stewardship, attuning and aligning high performance teams to meet ambitious organizational goals in ways that are financially, socially, and ecologically sustainable.

Since 1996 Lloyd Raines has been partnering with leaders to think more expansively and act more courageously as stewards for vital resources. Integral models and tools enable leaders to systematically assess the health and effectiveness of their own leadership, their teams, and the entire organization. The frameworks, models, and tools also provide data and insights for reinforcing what's working well and responding to critical areas being overshadowed, overlooked, or receiving too much attention -- causing unproductive disequilibrium. Synergy that otherwise would be gained from alignment remains latent or muted. Integral Leadership is an on-going full-field assessment & strategic action process around the applied cultivation of self-awareness, generativity, innovation, self-reflection (individual and organizational), reinforcement or self-correction -- a complete cycle of learning and growth that optimizes the strength, intelligence, resilience, and sustainability of the whole.

An integral leadership approach heightens attention to active stewardship for attuning social energy, environmental awareness, and the financial bottom line. All three are essential for a strategically-focused and energized culture with balanced high-performance outcomes in dynamic and unstable global environments. Click here to read more >


Integral Leadership Review

Integral Leadership Coaching: A Partner in Sustainability

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